Bangsaen Fish Market The newest Bangsaen check-in point

Bangsaen Fish Market The newest Bangsaen check-in point new york city to thailand invites you to visit Chonburi with attractions near Bangkok such as Bangsaen fish market Drive for just over an hour and enjoy the Japanese style fish market atmosphere. It’s like bringing a small Japanese city here, whether it’s a road, lanterns, telephone booth, there are a lot of angles to take pictures. And in addition to the beautiful corners, there are also Japanese restaurants and various shops to buy souvenirs to take home as well

Bangsaen Fish Market Landmark for people who are looking for seafood ingredients such as fish, crab, shrimp, shellfish, including fresh sea urchin eggs. to be able to buy and cook according to the needs of each person located in the heart of Bangsaen Around Khao Lam Road, Saen Suk Subdistrict, Mueang District, Chonburi Chonburi Province

The interior of Bangsaen Fish Market is distinctively decorated in Japanese style. There are many beautiful photoshoot corners. whole sakura tree model train station bus stop And a beautiful arch that can be called to visit buy seafood And can take a photo of check-in like no other ever

When arriving at Bangsaen Fish Market, you will find a zone in front. It is an open-air dining area. Suitable for chilling in the evening or evening when the weather is not very hot. There is a torii or red pillar in front of the shrine. It is a symbol of Japan. There are various Japanese food stalls inside and out, such as takoyaki, senbei, rice bowls, soba, ramen, and many Japanese sweets.

As for fresh seafood, it is located in the inner zone, including blue crabs, big crabs, lobsters, tiger prawns, cockles, mussels, scallops, sea urchins, and many species of fish fresh from the sea every day. Including having a service to cook, boil, steam, burn completely or to buy a pack in a foam box to take home is also available

Recently, this Bangsaen fish market has opened a new zone, the Izakaya zone, where the whole zone is beautifully decorated in Japanese style. No matter where you walk, you can stop and take pictures at almost every point. This zone is not just for people who like to take pictures. but also for people who love to eat Because there are many types of restaurants to choose from, including dessert shops, ice cream shops, and Japanese restaurants such as sushi shops, cut and served fresh as well.